Sug’r Rush LLC’s Dessert Feature: ‘Mary-Made’ Sweet Potato Pie

Sug’r Rush LLC’s most popular seller, is our Mary-Made Sweet Potato Pie. This signature recipe was developed by my grandmother, Mary Alice (hints the name ‘Mary-Made Pie’) and has been a staple amongst our family and friends for many years. Still to this day, you can find the little salt and pepper haired lady in the kitchen, whipping fresh sweet potatoes in the mixer (with slight hesitation lol).

After being diagnosed with R.A. (Rheumatoid Arthritis) a few years back, my grandmother said: “Somebody in this family needs to get in the kitchen and learn this recipe. I’m not going to be around forever, so one of y’all needs to be able to keep it going.” At the time I was really young, but even then, I always promised her, that I would be the one to do so. Ironically, everyone laughed at me, but needless to say, I kept my word. Fast forward a few years later, and I finally decided to put those words into action. So one morning, I went over to my grandmothers house, and I stood right beside her, as she poured and blended ingredients in a mixing bowl, one by one. I was equipped with a pen and paper, to ensure I wouldn’t miss one step of the process, but in the midst of my writing, she stopped me. “Here, grab this bowl, you’re going to make a few pies for me.” She said. “I’m going to do what?” I said nervously. “Don’t worry” she said, “I’ll be right here with you.” and from that moment on, it was history.

Three years have passed, and our Mary-Made pies are all the rave amongst customers. The recipe still remains true to my grandmothers instructions, and I intend to keep it that way for as long as I live.

Our pies are available in bite sized 3″ minis, personal 6″ minis, whole 9″ rounds, and deep dish. So, whether you like your pies sample sized or you like to fully indulge, we have the perfect bite for you!

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